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The difference a small splash of fresh paint can make

by Cornelius Weidmann on 6 May 2024

Sometimes all we need is just a little bit of fresh paint. And when it comes to websites and apps this is equally true. Sometimes a small dash of fresh "paint" can make an old and never-changing UI feel fresh and modern.

How to backup Universal Analytics data?

by Cornelius Weidmann on 19 April 2024

Google Analytics allows you to export your data in several formats including PDF, Google Sheets, Excel and CSV through its user interface. While there are plenty of guides out there that cover these methods, they all seem to assume that you love spending hours on end laboriously exporting your data manually. We can skip these time-consuming approaches and use a smarter, more streamlined, automated approach.

Simple made easy

by Cornelius Weidmann on 16 March 2024

Have you ever written code which you then had the joy of revisiting a few months or even years later and found yourself asking, "What the fruit cake is going on here?"

A story about fishermen

by Cornelius Weidmann on 25 November 2023

The following is a short story I read many years ago while I was at university studying to become an engineer. It is a story which I think about quite often, even to this day.

Private Entities and the Creation of Commons

by Kyluke McDougall on 20 August 2023

In the realm of public spaces, the concept of a 'commons' bears versatile significance. Essentially, a commons is an open, publicly available space, inviting everyone without any discrimination. This age-old idea of a common ground, a place for civic discourse, collaboration and co-creation, remains as relevant today as it ever was. But what happens when private entities step into this traditionally public domain? Can a private entity create a true 'commons'? If so, what does it look like, and is it really a commons?

Software Architectural Minimalism: Simplicity and Efficiency in Development

by Kyluke McDougall on 7 June 2023

In the rapidly evolving realm of software architecture, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by the complexities and intricacies of numerous features, tools, and frameworks. As a developer, prioritising software minimalism – the practice of implementing only what is necessary while maintaining simplicity and efficiency in your code – can significantly bolster your productivity and ensure long-term scalability & maintainability. In this article, we delve into the essential aspects of software minimalism.

What managers need to know about writing features

by Cornelius Weidmann on 30 May 2023

When it comes to writing a feature, and when it comes to getting that feature out the door, and usually when that feature should have been out the door yesterday, managers very often tend to "solve the problem" by adding more "resources" or by adding more "senior resources" to the problem.

Rust Testing Context

by Kyluke McDougall on 2 March 2021

Rust is not trivial and neither is testing your code. How you approach your testing can depend on your perspective.

Are you hunting?

by Cornelius Weidmann on 10 October 2018

Make it your passion to hunt down your goal like you would a wild beast.

A tl;dr of "Why Central Banks Will Fail at Digital Currency"

by Kyluke McDougall on 23 February 2018

Here are some bits and pieces pulled out of an excellent article posted on hackernoon.com