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The difference a small splash of fresh paint can make

by Cornelius Weidmann on 6 May 20241 min read

Sometimes all we need is just a little bit of fresh paint. And when it comes to websites and apps this is equally true. Sometimes a small dash of fresh "paint" can make an old and never-changing UI feel fresh and modern.

The kyco website itself has undergone several iterations, however, the most recent one must have been the easiest to implement with the most drastic impact. The change already took place last year May (2023) and I feel it still looks fresh and modern, especially when compared against the old design.

Here is the before (the old design):

kyco before

And here is the after (the new design):

kyco after

Can you notice a difference? Which one do you prefer?

All it took was adding two new fonts, adding more whitespace here and there and slightly adjusting the font sizes.

When giants like WhatsApp or Google change their UI the whole world gets to see it and it is very apparent that - even when nothing functionality-wise changes - a small splash of fresh paint can make a big difference!