We ramble about code, technology and life. Sometimes we actually code...

We love to code... even in our spare time!

Even though our day jobs consist of creating code to solve complex problems we can't seem to get enough of it. So much so that we are constantly tinkering around on hobby projects and trying out new languages here and there.

Head on over to our GitHub page to see a showcase of a very small portion of the code we write. Most of it has not aged well, but perhaps you'll find something useful or entertaining there.

Besides our day jobs we are actively working on the following projects:

  • Qcan (a Bitcoin wallet for Android and iOS)
  • Timestats (a time tracking app)

Back in the days we wrote jQuery plugins and other very basic tools like a localStorage viewer, an ExpressionEngine theme and a Bitcoin currency ticker.

It is somewhat embarrassing to think that jQuery and PHP were once the go-to tools for web. With NoSQL, React, Vue and Rust it's hard to imagine going back to those ways of working. Nonetheless, it was a very good learning experience!