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Windows Phone 10 Build 10166

by Kyluke McDougall on 19 July 20152 min read

Amongst the flood of reviews and opinions about the latest Windows Phone 10 release, I believe 2 smaller, yet very important, updates have been missed. I’d like to share those 2 with you because it’s something which other platforms have not yet been able to get right.

I'll start with the first one which caught my eye.

In-App Purchases

Apple and Google have had a bit of a hard time over the last couple of years with this one. The problem is simple. An app is free to download and use. Fine. However, once the user has the app installed, he finds certain aspects have been locked until they purchase the full version. This can often be seen in games. Players will be asked to buy the full version to unlock more levels, as an example.

The problem here is, or was, deception. Users were not notified of this and felt betrayed. Google and Apple responded in the end by informing users on the app download page, that there would be in app purchases. Fine.

Microsoft just took it a step further. In it's latest beta release, not only do they show you that there are in app purchases, but they also show you exactly what they'll be!

Reminders When You Power Off

Here's something new. Windows Phone 10 will pop up your next reminder as it shuts down. Not only is this very, very useful, it's also more user oriented than Apple's "Always On" policy.