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Taking it to the next level

by Cornelius Weidmann on 11 October 20152 min read

Is your coding on the next level? What is the next level? I didn't know there are levels, are there levels? Is this a game? How do I get to the next level?

Now, there are a few things I need to clear up. Coding is awesome. Also, coding is fun. And coding is awesome - not sure I mentioned that. By the way, fun fact, coding can also be painstakingly unfun. And that's when you notice you are stuck on a certain "level".

That feeling you get after looking at your code for hours and hours and not realising that you are looking at the wrong file. That feeling you get when you are trying to solve a problem for hours on end and then you read the docs and the answer is right there. That feeling you get when you pull some code and realise the only thing you understand are the block comments.

This happens (or at least it happens to me). It's a sign that you have reached the end of the level. And you're not going anywhere soon, because what you are doing is not taking you to the next level. The next level doesn't simply unlock when you reach the end of the current level. You see, in programming things work differently. It's not a computer game. It's actually real life. And in life, you don't get to the next level by simply skipping everything and running to the end of the current level. In life, you get to the next level by putting in some extra effort.

To get to the next level you have to realise that there will always be a next level. Should I say more? Do I need to say more? There is no end game or ultimate boss fight. There is no black screen with credentials to congratulate you. There is simply a blank screen staring back at you, asking "Do you even code bro?"

And that's when it hits you. The next level, the next level... the next level, it is right there. It is right there in front of you. And the funny thing is, you thought there was a next level.