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Making the web a better place for everyone

by Cornelius Weidmann on 2 August 20142 min read

Developers often dive into a world where they assume everybody has an ideal internet connection and is running the latest and greatest browsers. However, the reality is vastly different and not everybody uses Chrome and lives in Europe or Silicon Valley.

As developers it is our job to create awesome experiences across platforms and devices. It should be as simple as possible for anyone to consume the content, no matter how good their internet connection or their browser is. It should also be easy to create content on the web.

Most of the time developers are always ranting about the newest and shiniest tools. Meanwhile, all these tools (as awesome as they are) are creating more complexity for things that used to be very simple. For example, changing the style and text of a webpage back in the day was as simple as opening an editor, FTPing onto the server and changing the necessary lines of code. Nowadays you'd most probably first have to install the tools you need onto the server before you can even remotely do anything (e.g. SASS - you'd need Ruby installed with the Sass gem).

Another thing developers love doing is talking about all the things that are bad or don't work like they should. It seems developers always want everything to be awesome and if it isn't then it is crap and shouldn't be done. The one thing that we tend to forget is that not everything needs to be awesome. If we'd focus more on creating things that work and work well we would make the web awesome by simply making it work better.

I watched an interesting talk by Christian Heilmann who talks about these issues. He gives interesting pointers about the web as it is currently and what it could look like in the future. Watch the video.

Let's make the web better and stop complaining about everything that's not awesome.

PS: If you're complaining, then why aren't you fixing it? There's no use in complaining and spreading bad vibes - instead do something about it!