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by Kyluke McDougall on 22 May 20142 min read

Any.do now has a web client!

What is Any.do?

Any.do is a to do list application for your mobile device. I've been an Any.do user for a long time now. It has helped me keep track of what I need to do, has provided me with notifications and reminders when I need them and has always had a very clean, simple display. I've mainly used it in the mornings to check what I need to do for the day, extra items I need to add and when I need to accomplish them by. In the evenings I can review the day and swipe away the tasks which I have completed. It's good to note that the tasks swiped away do not disappear but simply get a strike-through.

What are its features?

  • Very clean UI (think minimal design, focused on tasks rather than the application)
  • Reminders which can be set for tasks
  • Categories for tasks (today, tomorrow, upcoming etc.)
  • Notes can be added to tasks
  • Sharing of tasks with others
  • Fantastic search capabilities

The new web client

I have been waiting for this, what probably already is, for years and finally and this week, it is finally released. The website is still in beta and you need to request an invite. You can head over to https://web.any.do/ to request an invite. I got mine 5 minutes later. Don't worry if you don't get one yet, they are planning on leaving the beta stage next week sometime according to their email.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/...

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/ap...

Website: https://www.any.do/

Webclient: https://web.any.do/