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Android camera shutter sounds

by Kyluke McDougall on 16 March 20141 min read

Camera shutter sounds can be quite bothersome but certain countries have laws governing this. Here’s how to remove the shutter sound even if Android does not allow you to.

This requires root!

Android phones come with many customisation settings but the one thing that's really annoyed me has been the lack of camera shutter sound options on many android phones.

Instead of making it easy to remove shutter sound, most manufacturers only give you the option of changing instead of removing completely. This is because it is illegal in a lot of countries for your shutter sound to be off, privacy issues. I have an LG G2 and while it does allow me to remove the shutter sound it will only do so for the camera application but will not make this change system wide for all other applications to follow suite.

I solved this problem by simply renaming my shutter sound in:


You can do this using the root explorer. In your case it may be named differently but the directory should be the same.

This has now successfully removed my shutter sounds from all applications.