We ramble about code, technology and life. Sometimes we actually code...

"Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets." ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

kyco started back in April 2011 as a hobby project. We wanted to start a business and had no idea how to do that. We ended up creating this website as a way to keep us productive and to somehow help others.

Our vision was to learn some programming languages to create pieces of software that would be useful on some level to ourselves and hopefully others.

We started our journey with little to no coding experience and somehow we ended up creating plugins and random code snippets which we hope people find useful.


We strive to create code that's simple and useful.


We build web solutions with Python, Go, C#, Node.js and JavaScript. On the desktop side we code with C++ and Python. For mobile and cross-platform we use Xamarin and Ionic. We love both MySQL and MongoDB.


We use Git for version control. Git is awesome for many reasons and we love Github and Bitbucket. We use VS Code, Sublime and vim as our preferred text editors.

To simplify working with git we use SourceTree. We make use of Beanstalk, CircleCI and Digital Ocean to get stuff out there. We use GoDaddy to manage our domain names and for anything we want to spin up quickly we use Heroku.

All our code is open source.

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Kyluke McDougall

Spends most of his time creating havoc and designing practical jokes.

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Cornelius Weidmann

Enjoys long walks on the beach. Has a soft spot for puppies.